Mixer (noun).
mixr; rhymes with "fixer"
Definition: a fraternity party with an equal number of fraternities and a sororities that are invited.
Attested: I first came across this term when my friend in a fraternity house mentioned that he was not attending his fraternity's mixer.
Example: My sorority has a four-way mixer with DG, Chi Psi, and Sigma Nu this weekend.
Etymology: I think this term probably began being used because these parties needed a name. A mixer is not a normal fraternity party that everyone is invited to. It is an exclusive event, therefore giving these parties a designated name was a intelligent idea. The reason they are called mixers is because the fraternity and sorority houses are getting together with, or "mixing" with each other.
- Rebecca Taylor

Money (adjective).
Mun-ee; rhymes with "honey"
: Cool, hip, good.
: I first heard this term used as a compliment from one Cornell student to another in January 2000.  I have also seen it on the back of a sorority shirt, describing the sorority as "so money."
: "You have everything going for you. You are so money."
: This term is mostly used among students as a way of describing something or someone they like, or think is great. Unlike the standard usage of "money," which is as a noun meaning "currency," this term is used as an adjective. It is derived from the belief of many that wealthy people, or people with money, are cool and should be admired. When one uses "money" to describe someone, it implies that both the giver and the recipient of the compliment are cool. This is because the term is so new that only the more hip students and trend-setters are using it.
- Briana Gordon