Libe Slope (noun)
[layb slop]; rhymes with "vibe" and "dope"
Definition: the large, steep hill, found just east of Cornell's West Campus, and just west of the Arts Quad and the clock tower.
Attested: I first heard this term when I went on a campus tour as a prospective student here at Cornell. Upon encountering the enormous hill, the tour guide referred to it as Libe Slope.
Example: "We should go sledding down Libe Slope before the snow melts."
Etymology: Libe Slope, often referred to as "the slope," has been a part of Cornell since its founding. The first part of the term is derived from the word "library." This is because Uris Library, the main undergraduate library of Cornell, sits at the top, center part of the hill. The word "slope" simply refers to the incline of the hill. Since it is so steep, it has a large slope to it.
- Briana Gordon