Dragon Day (event).
drĘg-on; rhymes with "wagon"
day; rhymes with "hay"
Definition: An annual parade on Cornell University's campus each spring in which the architecture majors show off the giant dragon that they have designed and built.
Attested: I first heard about Dragon Day when I was visiting Cornell University's campus as a prospective student. Both the tour guide and the admissions person mentioned the infamous dragon.
Example: "Dragon Day is going to be the best ever because this year's first year architects are exceptionally smart and creative."
Etymology: Each year, in the spring, the windows of the architecture school are painted over-the eeriness sets in and the suspense begins. They are preparing and creating, and designing and building. They will not sleep. They will not come out...not even for classes. Until...the day arrives and once again the dragon rides again...It marches across the arts quad and passed the sad, sorry little engineers, whose attempts to counter the awesomeness of the dragon have, once again, failed. They underestimated the power of the dragon....and now everyone can feel it. Celebration, dance, and cheers are followed by ceremony. The dragon's creators stand idle while it burns; it is physically removed but eternally, its spirit flows in the blood of the architects.
Dragon Day is an experience one will never forget, an experience that can only be had at Cornell University. A tradition since the eighteen hundreds, Dragon Day has always been the biggest event on campus each year. The phrase is unique to Cornell University, but it is often spoken throughout the country-after all the infamous dragon of Cornell architecture receives a great deal of recognition.
- Alexis Mason

Dragon Day (noun)
(dr g-on)
Definition: An annual celebration at Cornell University where the architechtiture majors build a giant dragon.
Attested: I came across this word in an announcement asking the students to help building the dragon.
Example: "Dragon Day is one of the celebrations that is unique to Cornell University."
Etymology: Dragon Day is an experience that is unique to Cornell University. Dragon Day has been a tradition in Cornell University since the late 1800s , and although the phrase is unique to Cornell University, it is widely recognized in other parts of the country.
- Engin Ipek