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Devon Levy Ze'ev Louie Velvel Defyn ap Llywelyn Beatle Ed

Resume and Curriculum Vitae

I am the Host of a radio show in San Francisco, Fog City Blues.
I also work as a Producer on Philosophy Talk, House of Blues Radio, and an NPR series in association with the Library of Congress.

I recently finished a Ph.D. dissertation.
I used to teach a linguistics course at Cornell.
I also wrote a B.A. Honors Thesis at Oberlin College.
Nation of Drejj

I produce this radio show.I host this one.

I won an award for this one.

The Paris Café
Gallery and Chronicle

Johnny Cash + punk rock = Boyz Named Sue

Cornell Steel Band
The cure for all ills
Oberlin Can Consortium

CSM Panhandlers

Blue Rodeo