That Guy (1824-1874) has curiously emerged as a pivotal figure in the development of Jewish Men's rap and rhetoric. By all accounts, That Guy was an unexceptional yet inescapable figure in his hometown of Braintree, Massachussetts. Numerous documents in the municipal archives attest to this man-about-town's appearance at civic events and private engagements, where he elicited a variety of reactions from the townsfolk, ranging from surprise ("Hey, That Guy!") to disdain ("I hate That Guy!"). He struck up a notable friendship with Izzy Josephson II, aka Benjamin the Traveler, who passed through Braintree several times in the early 1850s en route to the British Isles, and the two maintained a lively correspondence until the latter's voyage to Patagonia in 1865. Acquaintances report that the relationship soured as Benjamin became obsessed with That Guy's off-handed remark about the prospect of Judeo-Welsh in Patagonia, and rumours circulated following the Traveler's death that the attack on his convoy was masterminded by That Guy, who was observed twitching nervously on a Braintree-bound train on the day of the ambush. Although he professed innocence until his dying day (a never-completed memoir, "Destination: Braintree," was to have set the record straight), the townsfolk were not pleased and subsequently exiled That Guy to Utah. He spent his final years wandering the desert, often heard muttering under his breath, "Not did you... Jew... did you..."

That Guy's infamy as well as his place in Jewish men's discourse was assured by the Traveler's mercurial last words before plummeting into the gorge: "Oh yeah... That Guy."

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