The Declaration of Independence of Drejj

Dear Mr. President,
This letter is to officially notify the President of the United States of America that as of September 1, 1996, The Republic of the United Peoples of Drejj (formerly 111 N. Pleasant St., Oberlin, Ohio, USA) is hereby seceding from the union of states. We no longer wish to be a part of your country.
Our reasons for this are as follows:
  1. The United States is a country governed by its citizens
  2. The method of governance is by majority decisions
  3. The great majority of United States citizens are idiots.
  4. Therefore, the country is governed by idiots.

We wish to maintain a fairly friendly and open relationship with your country. We expect, in fact, to have a very high import to export ration from the United States, thus benefitting your economy. Additionally, we would like to maintain an "open-border" relationship with the United States- assuming, of course, that the citizens of Drejj don't at some point decide otherwise.
Further, please incorperate us into the NAFTA agreement, as we are now a North-American country. We would also appreciate your help with getting into such international orginazations as NATO and the United Nations. If you wish, we can sign a peace agreement, although this seems somewhat superfluous, as our army consists of two BB guns and an assortment of pocket knives while yours is the most ridiculously overblown military monster in the entire universe.
Thank you for your time.
Our embassy to the United State's address is

Ambassador Raphael Goldman
OCMR Box 907
Oberlin, OH 44074